Math Inspiration: Playing for Real (Lincoln 21/06/19)

Maths Inspiration

10am to 12pm
21st June 2019
New Theatre Royal Lincoln

Inspire your Year 9s and 10s with a maths show that will captivate even your unenthusiastic mathematicians.

Maths Inspiration is a national programme of interactive maths lectures for students in Years 9 and 10. These exciting events give these young people a chance to experience the UK's most inspiring maths speakers live in theatres, presenting maths in the context of exciting, real-world applications.

This summer series of lectures, Playing for Real, is a joint venture presented by Maths Inspiration and the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme. If you think games are just for fun, then think again! Games contain some of the most important maths you'll ever need in everyday life, from managing money to out-thinking competitors. Our speakers will demonstrate the unlikely usefulness of probability, puzzles and percentages. You'll get the chance to play some games, and you could even win a prize.

All shows have three interactive talks, an interval and a lively Q&A session to enjoy. Many of the events feature mathematicians, engineers and statisticians in the hope of opening your students' eyes to a career in STEM.

It’s the most important fun you’ll have this year!


Jennifer Rogers studied Mathematics with Statistics at Lancaster University before going to the University of Warwick to do her PhD. She is now research fellow in the Department of Statistics at the University of Oxford. She has appeared as an expert statistician in the TV programmes Long Live Britain and Mystery Map - in which she calculated the chance of dying from spontaneous human combustion!

Ben Sparks is a mathematician and musician who travels the country demonstrating the beauty of maths. He’s based at the University of Bath and still gets surprisingly emotional when playing with maths (whether that’s playing games, playing guitar, or just playing for laughs). His favourite game is X-COM.

Rob Eastaway is an author whose books on maths include the bestselling Why Do Buses Come In Threes? and The Hidden Maths of Sport. He appears regularly on radio to talk about the maths of everyday life. He particularly likes games that involve a combination of strategy and chance – his favourite is Perudo.


"Teachers - if you're not sure if Maths Inspiration is worth the hassle and admin, I can promise you it is. Our students had a fantastic time and are asking if they can go again next year"
Mrs Esther Stevens, Holmes Chapel Comprehensive

I didn’t expect to enjoy it, but it was amazing.
Year 10 Student

“Brilliant - Perfectly pitched!”
Ashfield School

“The whole show was brilliant! I got back in time to teach the last lesson of the day and I was really buzzing.”
Outwood Academy Barnsley

“Seeing maths outside the classroom was invaluable!”
Wales High School

“Students really enjoyed the games, and the participation was excellent.”
Wath Comprehensive

Expected outcomes


Students will be inspired to study mathematics further.

Students will become more engaged with mathematics.

Students will see maths in the context of exciting, real-world applications.

Students will revisit curriculum topics aiding learning and revision.

To book this activity, please contact:
Sarah Cooper
01483 527712

New Theatre Royal Lincoln
LN2 1JJ Lincoln Lincolnshire

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