Making Math's Magical

William the Maths Wizard

The primary focus of the magic maths workshops are to educate – but to educate it a fun, and uniquely inspiring way through the medium of magic.

The programme itself has been designed in conjunction with primary school teachers and works perfectly for the start of ‘Maths Week’ and can take the form of an assembly for the whole school to partake in or classroom based workshops.

The classroom based Maths-Magic workshops are the preferred option as this can be tailored to both each key stage year group and also to the school’s curriculum. The beauty of these tailored packages is that each student will get more targeted tuition and the magic can be tailored specifically to the age of the year.

Another huge bonus of my maths-magic workshops is that each teacher also gets a professionally designed maths magic resource pack. In this pack there are supporting documents covering the workshop content and additional activities and photocopy sheets for the teacher to reinforce and expand on the learning outcomes.

This programme has will deliver a proven success system to achieve results focussed learning outcomes to primary and secondary school children.

Expected outcomes
  1. Introduction to prob- ability: 1 in 52 chance/ probability of correct prediction
  2. Mental arithmetic - counting, adding
  3. Seeing patterns in maths, adding, sub- traction, multiplication and division, problem solving
  4. Problem solving, measurement
  5. Problem solving, spa- tial awareness, angles and areas.
  6. Numbers, patterns, multiplication, addition
  7. Numbers, calculation, addition, patterns

I can send you over a lesson plan with more details if interested!

To book this activity, please contact:
Duncan William

William the Maths Wizard
61 Runswick Drive
United Kingdom

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