Life Science Centre

International Centre for Life

The Life Science Centre offer nearly 140 hands-on, curriculum-linked workshopscovering all the science content of the primary curriculum and selected topics for KS3, GCSE and Alevel.

Life also offers Hands-on maths programmes for KS2 and above and an increasing number of opportunites to undertake technology and engineering. At A level the centre's speciality is molecular biology and a variety of microbiological and genetic practicals are offered. Increasingly Life has been asked to support practical work at GCSE and A level and where an off-the-peg workshop is not yet advertized, the Life education team are always pleased to work with schools to develop what is needed.

Expected outcomes

Increased engagement with STEM subjects and better understanding of the fundamental principals.

Opportunities for practical investigation, problem solving and creativity.

Development of team work, curiosity and resiliance.

To book this activity, please contact:
Noel Jackson

life Science centre
Times Square
Tyne & Wear
United Kingdom

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