Lego Design and Technology workshop

Lego Design and Technology workshops that link to lots of topics. Brunel, Ancient Greeks, moon landing, mars 2020. fair ground rides, Bridge building. Moon rovers, motorised vehicles, Victorians, WW 1&2

These Lego workshops allow the children to be very creative in their design and building. They are given a design brief. In groups of 3 they design and build their unique Lego model. We use motors, gears, levers. The children get to decide which components they use. 

"You taught my daughter at Chudleigh Primary this week. She came home full of enthusiasm about her day learning about, building and testing the tank she had built with her friends under your guidance - I thought it was truly inspirational !"

brickideas can help schools fulfill the updates to the national curriculum and offers solutions to whole school curriculum while reducing the teacher workload.


brickideas Lego workshops develop pupil skills in all subjects in a cross curricular way with  hands on workshops that fulfills the whole school curriculum approach


Expected outcomes

User: The Children will be able to identify who the product is for. Use pictures of existing products to learn about design and ease of use. We are designing a  product that will be used for a particular purpose. We have the following design criteria to consider: The product must be stable and safe. It must be able to move safely with an electric motor. It must be strong and not fall apart when used.

Purpose: The Children will be able to explain the purpose of their design and how it works. Their product will fulfill a number of defined tasks. Understand the concept of 'fit for purpose'.




The children will design and make a working vehicle or product that functions to fulfill the users needs, wants and purposes. The children will learn about a working vehicle or product and why design criteria are important to make sure that it works as intended. They will learn about the components necessary (gears, motors, levers, linkages ) to ensure that the vehicle or product moves safely and is strong enough to do the job.


Design Decisions

The children will make design decisions to ensure that their design is strong and 'fit for purpose'. They will be able to demonstrate their creative, technical and practical expertise. The will make design decisions, discuss why they have made decisions about their design. They will develop their technical and practical expertise, develop and improve their design.


While designing and building their vehicle or product the children will have the opportunity to be totally original with their thinking. The children will be able to respond creatively and imaginatively to the design brief. They will be able to take creative risks.

The children will design and build real life working models of a vehicle or product. The children will test their vehicle or product and evaluate the effectiveness of their design.


While designing, building and testing their vehicles or product the children will carry out the following:

Use components, motors, gears. Strong structures, reinforcing structures. Conduct fair tests, collect and record data, draw a technical diagram of their design.

Links to History, Maths, D&T.

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