KS1 and KS2 Practical Science Workshops Across the UK


We developed the largest in house catalogue of hands on science workshops in the UK, with the needs of teachers and children at the fore of everything we did. 

Thats why our workshops are hands on and designed to work with a class at a time for an hour. This means every child has the chance to do their own investigations and fair testing. Workshops link directly to the Primary Science Curriculum and we always use the correct vocabulary.

Our workshops are educational - and hugely fun too. That makes them memorable and engaging. Its typical for teachers to rebook year on year. Every week we get emails saying how much the children remember from their workshop.

Expected outcomes

Children will learn the correct vocabulary and its meaning for the subject within the curriculum being addressed. They will be able to use it to describe what they have learned.

Children will learn how to work scientifically, safely and do their own fair tests and investigations.

Children will develop collaborative skills when they work in teams.

We aim to inspire and enthuse children about STEM subjects and hope to contribute to the development of the scientists of the future. 

To book this activity, please contact:
Mark Walton

1 Oakdene Drive
Barnt Green
B45 8LQ
United Kingdom

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