Islamic Geometric Patterns Workshop

Samira Mian Islamic Geometry

Islamic Geometry Workshops: Constructing a pattern by hand, step by step using a compass and straight edge, is an entirely absorbing and satisfying art form. Starting with a blank sheet of paper we draw layers of lines and circles to create a complex underlying grid from which a beautiful pattern will emerge. We then let our individual creativity flow as we outline, trace and transfer the pattern to watercolour paper, to be decorated using watercolour pencils & paints.

Expected outcomes

To draw and paint an Islamic Geometric Patterns by hand combines activities & skills that students don't often use and see together:

- The rigor of technical drawing by hand using a compass and straight edge.

- The practical skills of tracing, transferring & tiling a pattern.

- The creative and artistic, when painting the pattern in watercolours & gouache.

All the while, referencing the historical contexts of these patterns. From the 8th century till now. In palaces, mosques, madrasas and on manuscripts, these distinct patterns can be found across the Islamic Lands from Spain and Morocco, through the the Middle East and North Africa, the Indian Subcontinent to China. Constructing these patterns as the mathematicians, artisans & craftsman would have done from the hundreds of years ago enables us to see & appreciate a pre digital world and the power of simple tools and the complexity that can be achieved.

An activity that would tap in to subjects across the curriculum - Mathematics, Art, History & Religious Studies.

To book this activity, please contact:
Samira Mian

11 Hearn Rise
UB55LT Northolt Middx

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