Institute for Research in Schools

Institute for Research in Schools

IRIS makes cutting edge research projects open to school students and their teachers so that they can experience the excitement and challenge of science.   We do this by making data accessible to schools, providing teacher training and resources, and by lending out scientific research equipment.  

Our aim is that both teacher and students are vaued contributing members of the science community.




Expected outcomes

Students have agency in contributing to genuine scientific problems such as climate change and develop confidence and other skills such as communication, collaboration and data analysis.  They present at conferences and have a wider understanding of the opportunities in STEM.

They show higher attainment, aspiration and progression. (Data available)

The teachers are reinvigorated with sustained continuous professional development and love the opportunity to connect back to their subject as a 'teacher scientist'.

To book this activity, please contact:
Becky Parker

Wellcome Wolfson Building
165 Queen's Gate
United Kingdom

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