Hands-on Science Workshops- Getting Hands-on with Real-life Science

Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre- The University of Edinburgh

The Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre is a unique place where you can get hands-on with real-life science

Located on The University of Edinburgh's Easter Bush Campus and surrounded by world-leading centres for animal science research and veterinary care, the Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre (EBSOC) is a purpose-built teaching laboratory where visiting groups can experience real-life, hands-on science.

We offer a programme of hands-on, curriculum-linked workshops for school pupils in P6 to S6 and interactive lab-based sessions for community groups of all ages.

Expected outcomes

We aim to deliver high-quality STEM learning experiences for school pupils, their teachers and the wider community. 

We want to increase everyone's science capital and provide a positive and realistic experience of science.  

All of our workshops are:

  • Hands-on
  • Curriculum-linked*
  • Connected to real-world research and/or clinical work

And all of our workshops provide:

  • Real-life, tangible results
  • Opportunities to meet our scientists from The Roslin Insitute and clinicians from The Royal (Dick) School of Vet Studies 
  • Inspiration around STEM subjects and careers in STEM


*All of our school workshops are fully linked with the Scottish school curriculum and we are happy to work with teachers from outside Scotland to provide relevant links to other curricula.

To book this activity, please contact:
Jayne Quoiani
0131 651 9679

Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre
The University of Edinburgh
Easter Bush Campus
EH25 9RG Easter Bush Midlothian

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Grants for school

The Royal Institution runs two enrichment and enhancement grant schemes. Grants of up to £500 are available to UK-registered state schools to host a STEM activity selected from the STEM Directory.

There are a number of other organisations that offer grants to schools.

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