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The Girls' Network

The Girls' Network is a charity that aims to inspire and empower girls from less advantaged backgrounds by connecting them to a network of professional role models.

We are running a career roundtable for our mentees giving them the chance to practice their networking skills and build their confidence in communication all whilst learning about a variety of different careers in STEM. We know that one of the biggest influencers when making a decision about what career to go into is who one has met and spoken to, so this why we want to introduce of young women to people in different sectors.

We would love you to join us and share your journey with the girls!

The event will start off with a 30 minute panel to discuss networking and give some top tips to make the most of this event.

From 17.45, you will speak to a group of girls for 10 minutes, introduce yourself, your careers experience, and answer the girls' questions. Then the girls will rotate and you’ll do the same for a new group of girls. This part of the evening will last for an hour approximately, following which there will be a networking opportunity, with light snacks, allowing the girls to ask further questions but also for you to network with each other.


To sign up please register using this link:

Expected outcomes

These types of events are always great opportunities to meet young women who may be incredibly interested in your line of work, or instead might actually have very limited experience meeting someone with your background. The girls love the opportunity to hear from inspirational people like yourselves who can tell them a bit about the day-to-day in your role, in addition to the steps you’ve taken to get there. This gives the girls great insight into careers in STEM they could pursue, as well as practical skills to help them succeed in whichever industry they pick (skills such as networking, communication etc).

To book this activity, please contact:
Amy Campo McEvoy

University of Liverpool
University of Liverpool
L697BX Liverpool

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