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Infinite Arts

Infinite Arts is offering a practical workshop in Geodesic Dome building. This half day or full day session can be designed for a Y5, Y6, Y7 or Y8 class (up to 30 pupils at a time).

Learning objectives include: maths, problem solving, team work, engineering

During the workshop pupils will

• Experiment with straws and sticks to make 2D shapes and 3D forms

• Roll newspaper into strong struts for dome building.

• Discuss, evaluate and plan

• Make a large dome using the newspaper struts

• Use maths in relation to shape, measurement, calculation

This workshop will take place in school preferably in a hall or very large room. It’s not a messy activity – just paper and sticky tape. It can usually be accommodated in a 3 hour half-day session. A full day session could cover the same activity with two separate groups or could go into greater detail with one group over a full day.

Within one class of 30 pupils we usually split nto two teams and make two domes. At the end of the session we recap on findings from the work. Each team presents their dome to the rest of the group and is asked about the experience: what went well, what could be improved, what next? They will be encouraged to think and talk about team work and the process of engineering and building in the real world.

We will provide all the materials and equipment you need.

Subjects: Mathematics, Engineering, Design and Technology

Running time: 1-4hrs, 1 day

Ages 7-11yrs old, 11-14yrs old

Cost: costs start at £175 for a half day plus travel costs which vary and materials which are usually low. £300 for a full day £250 for a twilight teacher training session £350 for a full day teacher training

Expected outcomes


  • To encourage young people to work together as a team
  • To use maths in action
  • To model the process of engineering designing and building
  • To develop skills and techniques for construction
  • For each team to create a dome which they can climb inside
To book this activity, please contact:
Pauline Taylor

Infinite Arts
17 Nile Street
SR1 1EY Sunderland Tyne and Wear

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