Fun Science Cheltenham

Fun Science Cheltenham

Fun Science Cheltenham offers assemblies, in-class workshops and after-school clubs, inspiring scientific curiosity through awe-inspiring, interactive demonstrations suitable for children aged 4-11.

Experienced fun scientist Diatom Dave conducts experiments using specialist equipment - including rocket launchers, plasma balls, van de Graff generators and more - as well as common household items and chemicals.

All activities are suitably risk-assessed, Diatom Dave is Enhanced DBS cleared, and an appropriate public liability policy is in place.

Expected outcomes

Children learn the rudiments of scientific thinking and method, applying critical and sceptical thinking to the world around them while having their curiosity maintained - in line with Ofsted guidance for good science teaching practice. Or, to put it another way - kids have so much fun, they don't realise they're learning!

To book this activity, please contact:
Dave Doyle

33 Courtenay Street
GL50 4LR Cheltenham Gloucestershire

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