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Fizz Pop Science workshops are wacky and fun and always make sure there is a lot of hands on for the children to join in the Science fun. Our science workshops are practical and exciting as well as educational and intuitive.

We offer 60min hands-on workshops for up to 30 pupils at a time in a variety of subjects.

We can also offer virtual workshops and shows. Just ask for more info.

Earth Rocks – KS1 and KS2 (1hr) (Geology)
I own a rock I own an island! As the saying goes. In this investigative workshop we discover what our world is made of as we look at the guts of the Earth and find out about the diverse range of rocks, rock cycles and volcanoes, Magma and lava and you even get to take your own Earth like planet home showing the insides of the planet we call home!

Darwin’s Evolution – KS1 and KS2 (1hr) (Biology)
Our planet is so diverse with many different creatures that inhabit it, we take a close look at some of Darwin’s finches as we try to discover where all this diversity may have came from. A quick passage through time game, before making your own fossil to keep and take home !

Crazy Chemists – KS1 and KS2 (1hr) (Chemistry)
Explore chemical reactions in this hands-on session. From colour changing liquids to slimy putty (every child will make a pot to take home), this is sure to get a reaction from everyone! Includes a cool mini explosion!

Snotty Science – KS2 (1hr) (Chemistry, Biology)
The body is under attack from dangerous germs and we must protect it! We will surprise you by how easy germs can be spread, and find out about this season’s must have mucus and how it protects us from the dangerous invaders all around us. Just in case, take some extra home with you as well!!!

Hair Raising Electrons – KS1 and KS2 (1hr) (Physics – Circuits)
Get ready for some hair-raising action! Explore circuits, conductors and insulators and create lightning in the classroom. Some lucky volunteers will also have the chance to make their hair stand on end (Humidity dependan) with the Van De Graff generator!

Taste Buddies – KS1 and KS2 (1hr) (Chemistry, Biology)
Finding out about flavour is the aim of this session. We explore how it is not just our tongues that help us taste and that some of the other senses are closely involved, from eyes, tongue and olfactory this is one tasty workshop. We will all make some fizzy sherbet to take home!

‘Air’Mazing Air – R and KS1 (1hr) (Physics)
Explore the wonderful world of air in this fun-filled workshop. Investigate how air make things move with our super air rocket and levitating balls and we will create giant smoke circles! Includes make your own spinning copter as we see how air can make things spin.

Rainbow Bubbles – R and KS1 (1hr) + (Nursery 45mins) (Chemistry, Biology)
Reveal the secret of white light when we see rainbows in the classroom. Play with special touchable bubbles and create your own bubbles with a fizzy chemical reaction!

Gross Guts – KS1and KS2 (1hr) (Biology)
Follow food down into the belly as we enter the guts and digest the inner workings of our body from dinner plate to toilet bowl. Find out how the body gets as much goodness as it can from the food that we eat, and what waste we leave behind.

Show me the light – KS1 – KS2 (1hr) (Physics)
Become illuminated as we split apart white light and create rainbows in the classroom. Discover how light travels and how it can be used in everyday life. Discover the wonders of UV when we make glowing potions and find invisible messages that are hidden in plain sight to keep us safe.

What On Earth Is That? – KS1 – KS2 (1hr) (Chemistry – Materials)
Materials/Properties. Let’s find out ‘What On Earth Is That?’ with this fun filled Science session that looks at very simple looking materials. Find out how a material similar to paper can completely disappear in a flash, or how two white powders can be completely opposite as one drinks a lot more water than the other. Finally everyone will get hands on with a chemical reaction that can turn a simple gooey liquid into a more malleable and bouncy putty. A fun workshop that also has everyone keeping their own chemistry experiment to take home.

Our Sensitive Earth – KS2 (1hr) (Environment – Chemistry – Materials)
Carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere and the more carbon dioxide the more acidic our oceans become. We look at this change in acidity doing tests with universal indicator. We will also see how liquids that all seem the same can have different acidity. We then look at packaging and how an edible safer option can have quite a reaction with iodine, whereas other forms of packaging are not so easy to get rid of.

Transport Workshop – R – KS1 – KS2 (1hr) (Physics)
Extreme transport, we look at why a hot air balloon rises up and launch a rocket skywards as we learn about the basics of forces within this fun workshop. Make your own straw rocket and *Paper Stunt Plane. And even see how we can move a teacher around on our homemade hover-board. (*Stunt paper planes turn and spin KS2 only)

Lend me your ear – KS2 (1hr) (Physics)
Uncover the magic of music and turn up the volume! Discover how sounds are made and why symphonies are simply superb! We will show you the making of sound, how it travels and why sounds can be so different. Every child will make their own mini kazoo to take home in this super sound session.

Water we going to do? – KS1 – KS2 (1hr) (Chemistry – Materials)
It’s going to be a little wet that’s for sure! From colour changing water and petrified pepper to making pennies shiny with chemistry. This one hour session allows students to explore the wonderful world of liquids.

3, 2, 1 Blast off!!! – KS1 – KS2 (1hr) (Physics)
In this hands-on workshop children will explore the forces behind rocket flight with air rockets, hot air pressure popper rocket (Piezo) and chemical reaction rockets. The children will all make and take home a straw rocket and as a grand finale all children will witness an outdoor rocket launch which flies over 100ft!then comes back down with a parachute.

Detective Science – KS1 – KS2 (1hr) (Chemistry – Detective)
Can you use science to discover the mystery of the Whodunnit? This fun science workshop will use scientific techniques to solve crimes. From finger prints to chromatography and chemical testing of mystery substances. We will slowly eliminate our funny faced suspects through the process of elimination!

‘Egg’stronaught – KS1 – KS2 (1hr) (Physics – Maths)
Design your craft, within budget. Then buy the materials with the Fizz Pop Pounds. Can you protect the egghead crew of Captain Eggbert and Lieutenant Scrambled egg from a gutsy end?

Recent feedback for Body Workshops – (see below feedback for descriptions)

“I just wanted to drop an email to say a massive thank you to Physics Ian for running the four highly successful, enjoyable and memorable workshops.

The children have produced some amazing instructional writing and recount work from it. The photos we got are brilliant!

Thanks again ”

Dan Jones and James Sykes (St. Mary’s Redcliffe)

Gross Guts (Digestive System) I cant Believe My Eyes (Eyes and Brain) Taste Buddies (Tongue, Olfactory, plus eat with eyes) Snotty Science (Bacteria and Bogeys)

Gross Guts Follow food down into the belly as we enter the guts and digest the inner workings of our body from dinner plate to toilet bowl. Find out how the body gets as much as we can by eating, and what waste we leave behind. (Make and take home Putty for every child)

I cant Believe My Eyes Seeing is not always believing! We open our eyes to the wonderful world of optics and the working of the brain to look at the world around us. Discovering tricks of the eye and how illusions can fool us.

Taste Buddies Finding out about flavour is the aim of this workshop. We explore the reasons why we like some food and drinks, but not others. We will even make sherbet to help investigate what makes our drinks fizz!. (Make and take home Sherbet for every child)

Snotty Science The body is under attack from dangerous germs and we must protect it! Find out about this seasons must have mucus and how it protects us from dangerous invaders all around us. Just in case, take some extra home with you as well. (Make and take home Putty for every child)

All times given are approximate
* Dependent on space available and time taken to transfer children between locations.

Expected outcomes

inspiring a love of science

 further encourage learning and development beyond what is learnt at school.


They can be used as an incentive to get focus and determination levels excited or as a reward for some great work already done. 

To book this activity, please contact:
Stuart Janes

Fizz Pop Science
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