Feed the Fleet Maths Challenge

Mary Rose Museum

‘Feed the Fleet’ is a Tudor themed challenge for pupils to stock the ship with food for a 5 day voyage for the Mary Rose crew of 470 men and 30 officers.


The challenge involves communication and listening skills, team working, literacy and important Maths skills. Crew member experts, including the Cook and Purser, in period costumes are ‘on hand’ to answer questions and give feedback. Young people work in teams of 6, with allocated team roles including team leader, buyer, record keeper and time keeper. Decisions and calculations have to be made as to how they could feed the crew with their limited budget of groats. 1545 was obviously another age of austerity!


Pupils visit the Tudor shop and can choose from salt beef or pork, biscuits, wine, beer and more. They use budgeting skills, make decisions on bulk buying or can even try bartering with the shopkeeper! Purchases are inspected and pupils must justify their decisions. The Purser and Cook are always keen to see if the children have spent their money wisely and if there was any left!

Expected outcomes

Practise basic maths skills in an exciting context 

To book this activity, please contact:
Clare Barnes
02392 871119

Mary Rose Museum
Main Road
PO1 3PY Portsmouth

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