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"Fashion the Future STEM Careers" talk, will educate young people interested in a STEM careers about opportunties in an exciting new area "Fashion Technology".  My talks are about making the future of fashion, wearable technology more accessible to younger people, showing how new technologies can and will be used in the world of fashion design, manufacturing and retail.  I will introducing them to fashion technology designers, companies, the latest wearable tech brands, products and discussing what STEM related skills are needed to work in these areas, what careers will exsist in the future.   

Expected outcomes

The talks last one hour and will be age relevance, interactive with learners encouraged to get involved.  They can be followed with a "Wearable Technology" design workshop afterwards if requested.  Qualified teacher, I have experience of teaching in primary, secondary schools and worked for years as a college lecturer in FE/HE.  

Learners Outcomes:

  • Consider gender bias in careers, with focus on STEM roles.
  • Identify personal career aspirations in relation to STEM skills.
  • Explore STEM area "Fashion Technology", current, future industry developments.
  • Conclude importance of STEM skills for emerging technology jobs of the future.  
To book this activity, please contact:
Collette Costello

In School Visit
Davyhulme, Urmston
M417AQ Trafford Select...

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