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Family Connect is a FREE to download home schooling resource from the people behind As Creatives - one of the leading providers of creative learning to schools across the UK. It's packed full of fun, home learning challenges and activities for children from the age of four upwards – as well as for the whole family!

There are maths and science activities in each room – all fun and engaging, and all directly linked to the curriculum. And, as you travel around the house, you’ll find other curriculum area related challenges, too!

And in each of these you’ll find a challenge for 4 – 6 year olds, one for 6 – 8 year olds, one for the over 9s – and one for the whole family to work on together. There’s a printable Floor Plan, so you can tick off the areas you’ve visited – and printable Answer Sheets too, if you want to use them!

To book this activity, please contact:
Jo Stokes
0151 708 8886

As Creatives, Studio B, Baltic Creative Campus, 49
L1 0AH Liverpool Merseyside

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