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Fab Science

Fab Science offer a range of hands on workshops with a focus on engaging children in practical science. Choose from curriculum-linked workshops for specific year groups or fun themed days to inspire the whole school. 

Themed days are very popular for science weeks as we can work with every class in the school, giving all the children (and staff!) some great springboards for future learning. Choose from themes such as Hogwarts-style chemistry in Potty Potions, Sweetie Science to enhance a Charlie and Chocolate Factory topic or Fantastic Forces with rockets and more!

Curriculum-linked workshops are carefully designed by an experienced science teacher to meet the demands of the National Curriculum, while maximizing awe and wonder. There are ample opportunities for hands on experimenting and we provide school staff with background information and ideas for further work. Examples include Geology Rocks, Brilliant Bodies,  Marvellous Materials and Electrickery. Visit our website for other workshops, or get in touch if you'd like us to put something together to work for your school. 

Fab Science is led by Emma Ranade, an experienced science teacher and Associated CPD Facilitator for STEM Learning. All of our presenters are qualified teachers with a passion for science. 


Visit www.fabscience.co.uk/schools or email schools@fabscience.co.uk for more information and bookings. 

Expected outcomes

Each workshop is carefuly designed to:

  • Engage children in hands-on practical science.
  • Bring awe and wonder to the classroom.
  • Inspire ongoing exploration using the provided Teacher Pack.
  • Develop scientific thinking and practical skills.
  • Support the curriculum.
  • Make links with everyday knowledge.
  • Encourage a belief that every child can be a scientist.



To book this activity, please contact:
Emma Ranade
07799 624777

Fab Science
47 Grosvenor Close
CM23 4JP
United Kingdom

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