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Megan Swann is a Wildlife Conservation conservation graduate and a Member of The Inner Magic Circle. She combines her performance skills with her knowledge and passion for the environment to present this Environmental Magic Show which is guaranteed to give KS2 pupils a unique educational experience.

This fun educational presentation teaches about major environmental issues...using magic! With the Earth facing many environmental challenges and so many species facing extinction, it is essential that children learn about these issues, but they can be scary and gloomy to teach. The excitement and joy magic can bring makes it the perfect tool to share these important messages in a fun, engaging way...helping to save the Earth through magic!

"The show was incredible and taught the children the and how they can help, in a fun and interactive way. The magic brought it to life and left us all with lasting images which helped embed understanding of how delicate the ecosystem is and what our impact is on it. I think every child should have the opportunity to see this show." - Tim Baker; Headteacher, Charlton Manor Primary School

The show is jam-packed full of magic tricks specially designed to surprise, amaze and engage everyone who watches, all whilst teaching the basic facts about about major environmental issues, including:

  • Climate Change
  • Ocean Pollution
  • Waste
  • Species Extinctions
  • Deforestation

Throughout the show, the children will hear about the problems we face, the main causes and what they can do to help. It also links to the national science curriculum, helping children to understand how their actions impact other people and the natural world. Designed to inspire them to care for the environment, the overarching message is a positive one: every little action they take can make a big difference.

The show is aimed predominantly at Key Stage 2 students. As well as highlighting the major environmental issues, the subject matter helps to broaden their scientific view of the world around them and to demonstrate the relationship between humans and other species. The show also explains key scientific terms in a clear, simple manner.

Find out more and watch a short video at www.meganswann.co.uk/green-magic



Expected outcomes

The children will:

  • be inspired to care more for the environment 
  • understand key environmental issues, the causes, and what they can personally do to help
  • think about how their everyday actions can have a big impact
  • have fun and get excited – the show is interactive and guaranteed leave them excited to do their own 'green magic'


To book this activity, please contact:
Megan Swann

290 Well Hall Road
United Kingdom

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