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Dr Ken - Inspirational Science Theatre Company

producing creative and bespoke STEM days for schools at all key stages and development programmes for educational professionals since 1997. Shows and workshops balance entertainment and engagement with topics from the curriculum.

Dr Ken Juggling

"Your workshops were an inspirational combination of theory and practice, mathematics and science."

"We have used many of the scientific concepts illustrated in the show to support our Science lessons."


 Presentations are 60 minutes.  A variety of themes and topics are available including:

   Entertaining Science Circus Show - Why jugglers love gravity, how clowns use the force like a Ninja and will the unicyclist keep moving to stay still?

   How to Save the Planet in 45 mins -  A sustainability science show exploring the what, why and how we reduce, reuse and recycle.

   It's All Done with Mirrors - Trap doors, mirrors, blind spots? Magicians using science and engineering to amaze their audiences.

   It Doesn't Add UP - Think of a number, apply some maths and before you know it you're a mathemagician!!!


These are designed to complement the shows but may run as standalone activities many have 30, 40 and 60 minutes versions.

Dr Ken is a former world juggling champion, soap bubble chemist and international science performer. He developed his skills from experiences in street theatre, mime, teaching, television research and presenting. He has toured shows and workshops in schools, science and arts festivals worldwide. He is an honorary lecturer in science communication at the University of East Anglia.

(Please check out www.dodifferent.co.uk for more details, images and youtube clips about these and other presentations.)

Expected outcomes

Each show aims to

  • Reinforce key curriculum STEM concepts
  • Enhance and extend aspects of the STEM curriculum
  • Enable audiences to think fondly upon STEM subjects
  • How STEM effects us in the real world. 

Hands on Workshops enable pupils to develop their inquiry based skills. The investigations allow pupils to gain an insight into the impact STEM can have on many aspects of everyday life.


To book this activity, please contact:
Ken Farquhar
07850 222028

Blackhorse Cottage
The Street, Flordon
NR151RN Flordon Norwich Norfolk

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