Doc Yard's Secret Lab and Doc Yard's Science Show

Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust. Play on Words Theatre

Easter Holidays 2019 - two weeks of interactive and hands on activities on the science of sound. Secret lab - The Shape of Sound looks at how sound is made, travels and impacts on our ears. Demonstrations, make and take, pay and make activities - everything from a kazoo to a Theramin (look it up!).


Summer Holidays 2019- a whole month of science activities and shows on the theme of Superheroes through Super Science to Superhumans. What is your super power? Follow Doc and bunsen through their quest to make members of the audience superhuman!



To book this activity, please contact:
Chris Chedzey

The Historic Dockyard
1st Floor North, Fitted Rigging House
The Historic Dockyard
United Kingdom

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