Dancing Maths Classes

Dance Equation

We provide Dancing Maths classes that are designed to inspire and engage school pupils by injecting fun and energy into learning.

Our Dancing Maths classes have lots of benefits for children. We help keep children active, healthy and creative; our classes are great for building self-esteem and confidence; there are lots of opportunities for children to practice fluency in maths; and most importantly, we have lots of fun!.... the perfect recipe for learning.


During our Dancing Maths classes, children will stomp the times tables, make number digits with their body, perform a dance-equation, make a moving bar chart and more...

Our workshops are fun, physical and creative, they are great for well-being, self-esteem and confidence; all this, with a bit of mental maths thrown in there too!

There are no pens, paper, desks or chairs in our workshops, just our minds, bodies, music, action and lots of FUN!

Expected outcomes

Encourages children to be active, healthy and creative.

Proven to build self-esteem, motivation and confidence.

Reinforces numeracy knowledge and number fluency.

Covers the PE and creative arts curriculum.

Ignites imagination and curiosity around a core subject.

It’s fun and conveniently at your local school.

To book this activity, please contact:
Rebecca Hart
07985 710144

Dance Equation
22 Harrow Road
west Bridgford
United Kingdom

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