CyberFirst event - Oct 2019


CyberFirst Trailblazers is a free half day event created for S2 students. The event is designed to showcase the varied opportunities that can be achieved through the understanding of how technology is used in the workplace. This is the first in a series of CyberFirst events which will start each student on the exciting path of considering which national 4/5 they will take and how Computer Science can play a key role in future career prospects. An accompanying parent or guardian is welcome to attend for a specifically designed talk and some light refreshments.


CyberFirst Adventurers is a free half day event created for S3 students. This is the second in a series of events which has been created, to highlight the varied roles and jobs that both exist and involve technology in the workplace. This will excite and enthuse students with an interest in technology, both in what we use now and in the future. It has also been designed to counter the stereotype that computer science is a subject that only leads to jobs in programming and coding. The course is aimed at students who have not yet made their national 4/5 choices, so that they get the opportunity to see how studying computer science could potentially augment and enhance their future career paths. An accompanying parent or guardian is welcome to attend for a specifically designed talk and some light refreshments.

Both events are aimed at 50 students and parents each morning and afternoon.  

Timings will be 0900 - 1230 and 1330 - 1700. 



Expected outcomes

These exciting activities are aimed at S3 to help parents and students choose their subjects at national 4/5. It gives students and their families an opportunity to see how studying Computer Science can help improve the understanding of technology in the workplace and in their homes. As a country we are becoming more digital with everything we do; let’s learn to use it and defend it.

We are seeking support and assistance from STEM ambassadors to help with these events.  Contact for details on the exact date. 

To book this activity, please contact:
Sarah S
07920 767748

Inverness STEM Hub Campus
Inverness IV2 5NA
IV2 5NA Inverness Inverness

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