Creature Ark educational animal encounters

Creature Ark

 Creature Ark brings our animals to your classroom or learning space.

There's nothing to beat a 'hands on ' experience where students can hold, touch and feel, discovering the wonders of our creatures from around the world. We are fully COVID19 risk assessed for face to face school visits and also offer an engaging online option via a delivery channel of your choice. Great for homeschooling.

Fostering care, respect and understanding, children of all ages can learn about our animals and their habitats whilst creating lasting memories. Animals are specially chosen for their calm nature and a selection of appropriate animals will meet everyone, with particular care given to animal welfare.  Our animals welfare is our main priority and educating the younger generation with this message helps cement our conservation aims.

Our workshops are tailored to meet learning requirements and designed to link in with the 'Life processes and living things' element of the National Science Curriculum. Our team includes STEM Ambassadors who have presented with animals at numerous events. The forum of the workshops encourages discussion amongst students and inspires creative writing for further work in class. There is lots of opportunity for the students to ask questions and reinforce their understanding of the natural world around them.

All of our rangers have at least a level 3 qualification in animal care, are fully individually licensed and have animal transporter licenses too, they are all DBS checked STEM AMbassadors.

We offer many varied workshops including:

  • Rainforest
  • Minibeast
  • Evolution and Inheritance
  • Predators
  • Our living world
  • Classification
  • Animals and their young
  • ​Learn and draw
  • Creative writing stimuli

We also offer online workshops which allows our conservation message to be spread far and wide.


Expected outcomes

 Creature Ark has created a unique learning forum in class which both educates and engages pupils with our hands on learning.

  • Advocating care, respect and understanding of animals.
  • Fostering the building of nature friendly environments.
  • Educating the younger generation in animal welfare to support conservation aims


To book this activity, please contact:
Mags Hudson
07521 389607

DN3 Doncaster

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How to take part/get started

Contact us to find out more. If your desired subject is not shown above, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

You can also visit our website and social media channels to see us in action.


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