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BioGrad Laboratories

Give your students the rare opportunity to swap the classroom for the research clinics and laboratories in Liverpool Science Park. Students will have the chance to speak with clinicians, scientists and science entrepreneurs in small groups to gain careers advice/information only usually available to graduates.

Students receive a group welcome talk from our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Natalie Kenny to provide an overview on what life is really like as a scientist. After the introduction students will have the very rare opportunity of visiting the working laboratories and clinics at Liverpool Science Park. Students will be split into smaller groups of 8-15 students and rotate around the facilities to provide the opportunity to speak with individual scientists, clinicians and business experts.

Respiratory and Cardiac Assessment Suite (45 minutes)

Enter our clinic and meet our specialists to learn about patient care and medical research (a role which covers both the clinic and the laboratory) for a world of scientific research that students might not have previously considered.

Students will be able to try their hand at palpitation and percussion of the lungs whilst in the clinic and will have the opportunity to talk with our top doctors and nurses. Our cardiovascular clinic offers an introduction to the world of sports science. Students will learn about how patients’ cardiac performance is assessed and will have the opportunity to perform an ECG to look at the electrical signals in the heart.

Molecular Biology Laboratory (45 mins)

Students will be given the opportunity to conduct DNA analysis in this very relaxed working laboratory. Give your students the opportunity to speak with real scientists in a small group and learn what their working life is REALLY like. Students will learn how the technique can be  used in a range of careers and a range of medical or clinical scenarios.

Engineering Laboratory (45 mins)

Students will be given the opportunity to learn about and perform 3D printing and programing. Give your students the opportunity to speak with real physicist and how their subject knowledge can be used in a medical setting. 

Science Entrepreneurship (45 minutes)

A workshop with an experienced science entrepreneur to provide an insight into the business of science, working in small groups to discover how we protect our intellectual property, find investors, market new inventions and how much profit they might make a company. Students then have the opportunity to invest in a company they have worked with that day and see who makes the most money. The winners receive a prize

Along with a science quiz to test how much the student's have learnt during the day this is a very interative and hands on science trip in a real working laboratory.

Expected outcomes

By the end of the session students will have:

Conducted science research techniques

Be exposed to a number of careers in science

Experience if laboratory work boring

Understand the academic entry grades for science careers

Have realistic salary expectations for scientists

Receive valuable advise on University study

Advice on balancing a work life balance in science

The career options that present an opportunity to travel

How to find medical and laboratory work experience

Information on schemes that help pay for University

To book this activity, please contact:
Kathryn Woods

BioGrad Laboratories
Liverpool Science Park
131 Mount Pleasant
L3 5TF Liverpool Merseyside

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