Bubbly Maths Day

Bubbly Maths

 Imagine a day in school where every child loves learning and enjoys mathematics. That is our aim. Oh and every school gets to see at least ONE person in a bubble #justforfun.

We have been delivering shows and workshops since 200, having reached over 200,000 to date and our founder travels around the world. We are part of Maths Week Ireland, Science Week Ireland and our shows have been enjoyed as far away as Japan and South Africa.

We run events attempting to achieve Guinness World Records titles on a regular basis. Our annual attempt at the World's Largest Global Maths Lesson is a must (it only takes 30 minutes in your own school) please sign up on our website. www.bubblymaths.co.uk/GWRDay

We support AIMSSEC, an African organisation that provides free maths teacher training to African teachers and we are generally passionate about engaging as many people as possible to BELIEVE that they ARE "young mathematicians"

We have activities for young mathematicians from the age of 3 to 110. Our focus is on the 3 to 11-year-olds and their family.

We use soap bubbles and balloons for our shows and many of our workshops. Most of the hands-on activities use "normal" classroom resources.

We offer shows and workshops for family events, schools and other organisations. We are happy to work with home educators.

Some examples of activities are:


1. Our Award Winning, sold-out Bubbly Maths show: Suitable for families and school shows., enjoyed by "young mathematicians" of all ages. LOTS of mathematical bubbles & balloons.

2. The Maths & Science of Bubbles Show - Suitable for all ages.

3. Going to the Moon (Age 3 to 5): A gentle counting and shape experience using soap bubbles and balloons

4. Metre FUN! (Age 4 to 6): A variation of our Flagship Bubbly Maths Show aimed at a younger audience.

5. Bubbly Maths KS1 (Age 5 to 7):  A variation of our Flagship Bubbly Maths Show aimed at 5 to 7-year-olds

6. Bubbly Maths KS2 (Age 7 to 11):  A variation of our Flagship Bubbly Maths Show aimed at higher end primary.

Workshops (up to 30 participants aged 5 & up):

1. The Maths & Science of Bubbles: A Hands-on exploration of soap bubbles and their properties

2. Thinking Inside the Box: Lots of problem-solving activities using balloons, soap bubbles and creating some big surprises!

3. Fantastic Fractals: Exploring and making fractals, experiencing key mathematical concepts, such as scaling, patterns and symmetry. Mostly paper and balloons.

4. Platonic Playground. Platonic solids (regular 3D shapes) you can play inside of! Hands-on puzzles which, when solved, turn out to be platonic solids. Balloons, paper AND a little bubble fun.

Expected outcomes

Engagement in and enjoyment of mathematics and an open mind for learning more.

To book this activity, please contact:
Caroline Ainslie

47 Fortess Rd
United Kingdom

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