BANG! The Science of Movie FX

Wonderstruck Ltd

Ever wondered how they create those amazing explosions in the movies?

Well, it can be quite complicated.  In fact, a lot of the time it's more complicated than actually setting off a real explosion.

In BANG! The Science of Movie FX Peter and James attempt to shed some light on how it's done.  Through the show we explore smoke effects, blast effects and, of course, fire with plenty of humour along the way and an exploding shed.

This show can be performed indoors or outdoors but will require a PA and, preferably a stage if outdoors and, as with all UK events, is dependant on our lovely weather.  If indoors, some of the demos will need to be scaled down a bit but, don't worry, we can still explode the shed!

Expected outcomes

This show gives a glimpse behind the scenes of those big budget action movies.  We explore the physics and chemistry of real explosions and how those effects are simulated 'safely' in the movies.  

By the end of the show we would hope that everyone will:

  • Have a basic understanding of the chemistry of combustion
  • Have a basic understanding of how an explosion occurs (with older/more able audiences we can look at the differences between detonation and deflagration)
  • Have a basic understanding of the properties and effects of a shockwave
  • Have an idea about (just a small part of) the work of an SFX Technician
To book this activity, please contact:
Peter Wright

Brandize Hill Farm
EX20 3HW
United Kingdom

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