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Bamboo Bicycle Club

What could inspire your students more than building a fully working bike!

Perfect for after school clubs and curriculum sessions alike, our bamboo bike build programmes ignite students' imaginations with an engaging, hands-on and fun project. At completion the finished bicycle can be used as a school loaner or auctioned off to fund the next build.

Our programmes have been designed to be flexible. The bicycle build projects are best suited to secondary and higher education. Typically groups of 4 - 10 students work with one or two teachers over the course of several weeks, building 1 or 2 bikes. We offer teacher training workshops and free start up kits for teachers to learn the process before running sessions with students. All teaching resources are provided, including lesson plans, worksheets and supplementary resources.

We offer smaller scale projects for primary students, such as a passive amplifier smartphone speaker - check out our website for more details.

Expected outcomes

Specific learning outcomes will vary on the exact programme, but in general students will learn about bicycle engineering and design, working with bamboo and composite materials, as well as getting hands on and working on a project they are truly excited about.

The outcome of the project is a completed, ready to ride bicycle. In the past this has been used as a school loaner, or auctioned off to raise funds for the next bike build.

To book this activity, please contact:
James Marr
0330 330 9025

Bamboo Bicycle Club
Autumn Yard Studios
E3 2TT London

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