Astronomy and Stargazing Outreach

Highland Astronomy Tours

Highland Astronomy Tours offers public outreach astronomy talks & tours, and private stargazing events around the Inverness and wider Scottish Highlands from astronomer Stephen Mackintosh. 

Stephen's professional guiding can include any of the following, tailored to your specific requirements:

- Naked eye constellation and binocular tours

- Eyepiece and video telescope viewing

- Telescope spectroscopy

- Fun and informative astronomy activities for schools and clubs 

- Daytime solar astronomy

- Astronomy talks and lectures


Some testimonials:

“Stephen is an articulate and nuanced astronomer, with a real flair for communicating complex concepts in a way that people can understand. His video telescope work is excellent, revealing details of the cosmos on a computer screen for all to see, allowing audiences to marvel at Jupiter’s moons, faint nebulae, and distant giant galaxies.” – Steve Owens, author of “Stargazing for Dummies’ @darkskyman.


“I’d thoroughly recommend Stephen Mackintosh to host an astronomy event. As well as being extremely knowledgeable, he is a good communicator that is well able to hold the attention of a large group. I look forward to working with him again and to what I’ll learn about and see in the night sky” — Caroline Snow, Project Manager, Merkinch Local Nature Reserve, Inverness.


“I have spent many a happy but chilly night alongside Stephen Mackintosh, enjoying a guided tour of the night sky. He has shown me planets, galaxies, clusters and nebulae. Every sighting has been accompanied with informative commentary about their discovery and historical background. Wrap up warm and bring a flask of hot chocolate. You will be in for an unforgettable night.” — Gavin Macfie, Writer and Outdoorsman at Living Mountain.


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Expected outcomes


 - Knowledge of constellations, pointers stars and celestial navigation

 - A better appreciation for the night sky and the human connections with it

 - Understanding the raw science of astronomy and the dynamics of the stars

 - Comprehension of the scale of our solar system,  galaxy and wider universe.

 - Engaging learners in the big unanswered questions at the edges of cosmology - the expanding universe, dark matter, dark energy.

 - Making the most accessible of all sciences - Astronomy - fun and creative!

To book this activity, please contact:
Stephen Mackintosh

54 Firthview Drive
IV38QE Inverness Highlands

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