Are you teaching the first Martian?

Colin Stuart

The first person to walk on the Red Planet is probably already alive and under 18 years old. Are they at your school? In this awe-inspiring talk, packed full of stunning visuals and the latest scientific thinking, I’ll take you on a journey to Mars.

Based on several of my books, including The Astronaut Selection Test Book with Tim Peake, you’ll hear just what it’ll take to achieve the most audacious feat of exploration ever attempted. I will even bring a real piece of Mars with me in the form a Martian meteorite.

Strap in for the voyage of a lifetime!

Expected outcomes


Cells and organisation – the radiation dangers in space for living things.

The skeletal and muscular systems - effects of prolonged weightlessness.

Nutrition and digestion - how to eat a healthy diet in space.

Photosynthesis – can plants survive on Mars?

Genetics and Evolution – effects of radiation on DNA.

Chemical reactions – using electrolysis to extract oxygen from water.

Earth and atmosphere – comparison of Earth and Mars's atmosphere

Energy – fuel and energy resources

Non-contact forces – Martian gravity and its challenges

Pressure in fluids – atmospheric pressure

Light waves - travelling through a vacuum; speed of light

Magnetism – role of Mars's magnetic field

Matter (physical changes) - The sublimation and deposition of carbon dioxide

Space physics – gravity, the Sun, and Martian seasons. Light-minutes and light-years as units of distance

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