1 space left - All July dates available! - Working in Technology: Design and Build a Wind Farm in Virtual Reality

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We still have 1 space left for this, we are available for any dates in July.

Other schools in the eligible funding areas we haven't worked with yet and would love to: 

- Dallam School

- Chadwick High School

- Central Lancaster High School

- Lancaster Girls Grammar School
- Cardinal Allen Catholic High School


If you are a teacher at any of the above schools, please get in touch!

3D Web Technologies Ltd (3DW) have funding to run twelve STEM skill-focused workshops for Year Eight pupils in Secondary Schools across the following areas:

- Copeland

- Walney Island

- Barrow-in-Furness 

- South Lakeland

- Lancaster

- Wyre

Please take a look at this map to see if your school is in an eligible area.

At each school, a group of thirty pupils would be selected from Year Eight to participate in the workshop. 3DW is flexible in how the participants are selected and can support the schools in the selection process. We are looking to deliver the workshops between March and July of 2019.

An overview of the project:


  • High-impact, in-depth STEM sessions for over 360 pupils at 12 schools

  • Team Working activity involving: Maths, IT, Engineering, Graphic Design & Presentation Skills

  • Innovative, engaging Virtual Reality technology

  • Building on tools previously developed by 3DW to support Ørsted offshore projects


The project will be based upon a resource package developed and utilised by 3DW under a previous workshop delivery series. This new proposed project titled ‘Working in STEM: Design and Build A Virtual Wind Farm’ aims to give students an engaging, balanced and educationally valuable bigger picture insight into the complexities of offshore wind farm design.

In small teams, pupils will be experiencing what it’s like to work on a wind farm development for the day. The teams will create their own ‘company’ with each member having a specific role such as Project Manager, Financial Manager, Technical Adviser or Public Relations (PR) Consultant. They will have to plan and design a wind farm layout considering real-life constraints and obstacles. The students start with the exciting task of creating a wind farm design taking into account the wind turbine size, power output and visual impact. Pupils will start to plan their design using a 2D map and then develop it using 3DW’s own bespoke software. As they are working on their design, they will also have to plan out a cable route to connect their wind farm to the National Grid. Once they have a design they are happy with, pupils will have to look at the costs of building and running a wind farm and using their numeracy skills, work out if their project is financially viable. Interlinked with these tasks is an opportunity to view their designs through an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and have an immersive experience of their creations. Finally, they compile everything they have worked on into a presentation to pitch their design against the other companies, to the general public and stakeholders. There is a prize for the company with the best overall design and the workshop ends with a reflective exercise to assist pupils in developing their growth mindset. Not only will pupils develop their skills in a crossover of STEM subjects; they will also develop other skills such as leadership, collaboration, problem-solving and presentation skills.
Expected outcomes

-          Using initiative and being self-motivated (leaving the pupils for periods of time work on their own but with availability for help)

-          Organisational skills (working on multiple tasks throughout the day ensuring they are all finished for the deadline)

-          Working under pressure and to deadlines (we give a strict deadline for the presentation to be finished which counts towards the final decision)

-          Ability to learn and adapt (working with software they have never used before; adaptation of the wind farm design throughout the day)

-          Communication and interpersonal skills (presenting their design at the end and the processes they used to develop it)

-          Teamwork (pupils work in a team for the whole session, we purposefully try not to put them with their friends)

-          Negotiation skills (agreement on who is most suitable for each role; agreement on what turbine type to use)

-          Valuing diversity and difference (putting the teams together based on their different skills)

-          Problem-solving skills (designing a wind farm working within its constraints whilst ensuring it’s financially viable)

-          Numeracy and IT skills (working out the financial viability; using the 3DW computer software)

To book this activity, please contact:
Josie Salmon

3DW Technologies
3DW Technologies
22 Grafton Street
WA14 1DU
United Kingdom

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