Apparatus: A Sourcebook of Information and Ideas

This sourcebook of information and ideas from the Nuffield Junior Science Project is a collection of photographs and descriptions of apparatus designed and made by children and teachers. It was intended for reference and also to give support to teachers who were making a start.

The project team hoped that teachers would soon accumulate sufficient experience and confidence to grow out of needing the kind of help provided. Until that time the book was intended to offer a great deal of help and to provide security.

*Section 1: Elementary electricity – 66 items
*Section 2: Biological apparatus – 47 items
*Section 3: Light – 24 items
*Section 4: Machines – 26 items
*Section 5: Air – 18 items
*Section 6: Sound and heat – 22 items
*Section 7: Water – 18 items
*Section 8: Weather and soil studies – 20 items
*Appendix 1: Teachers’ essential equipment
*Appendix 2: Standard manufactured equipment
*Appendix 3: Furniture and equipment
*Appendix 4: Storage of apparatus and equipment

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Age7-11, 7-11
Published1960 - 1969

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