DfE Standards Unit: Improving Learning in Mathematics activities to support the learning of algebra. The 'Active Learning' session plans include starting points, descriptions of the processes and photocopiable resources.



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Interpreting Distance-Time Graphs with a Computer A5

In this DfE Standards Unit resource, students interpret linear and non-linear distance-time graphs using the computer programme Traffic. This program provides a simple yet powerful way of helping learners to visualise distance–time graphs from first principles. The program generates situations involving...

Interpreting Distance – Time Graphs A6 *suitable for home teaching*

In this DfE Standards Unit resource students learn to interpret and construct distance–time graphs; relating speeds to gradients of the graphs and accelerations to changes in these speeds. Students have often constructed distance–time graphs before. However, experience shows that many still interpret them as if...

Interpreting Functions, Graphs and Tables A7

In this DfE Standards Unit resource, students learn to understand the relationship between graphical, algebraic and tabular representations of functions, the nature of proportional, linear, quadratic and inverse functions and doubling and squaring. Students should already be familiar with algebraic symbols such as...

Developing an Exam Question: Generalising Patterns A8

In this resource from the DfE Standards Unit, students will learn to: use past examination papers creatively, explore, identify, and use pattern and symmetry in algebraic
contexts, investigate whether a particular case can be generalised further, understand the importance of counter-examples, develop the...


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