MEP Year 7A

These MEP materials from CIMT cover the mathematics scheme of work for the first half of year 7. The scheme of work outlines each of the units with notes and examples. Each of the units contains pages from the pupils' book. The scheme and books have been designed to cater for a range of levels.

Alongside the pupils' material there are lesson plans which outline the content of the unit, these are differentiated into three levels, ST, A and E as well as suggested routes through them.

The units include:
* More detailed lesson plans with references to the pupils' book, teacher dialogue, key questions to ask and suggestions for teaching styles.
* Teaching notes which give a comprehensive background to the topic and where appropriate, a historical perspective.
*A variety of activities for whole class or groups.
* Overhead slides, mental tests and extra exercises.

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How can I see a few pages of the book as an example?
Thank you.

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