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Subject knowledge enhancement: Chemistry Triple ScienceRX012

Develop the background subject knowledge required to help planning and teaching Chemistry for Key Stage 4 (triple science). Gain the tools and confidence to plan and teach effective learning for your GCSE chemistry classes. You will explore ways of building student understanding, taking into account misconceptions and...

Teaching primary science: chemistryNE005

Online course. To teach primary science effectively teachers must have sound subject knowledge, however, many primary teachers are not science subject experts. This course will examine key subject knowledge within the chemistry elements of the primary science curriculum, demonstrate common misconceptions children may...

Chemistry for advanced higherNS513

In laboratory sessions participants will have hands-on experience of innovative practical work to support the learning outcomes in the Advanced Higher Chemistry course. There will be opportunities to explore ideas and techniques suitable to investigative project work at Advanced Higher level. Via the Gap Task there...

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SKE for Level 3 BTEC Applied Science Unit 1 - ChemistryRX032

This course will help you to prepare for teaching Level 3 BTEC Applied Science (NQF) and will focus on the subject knowledge needed to teach the chemistry component of Unit 1 (Principles and Application of Science I) - Periodicity and Properties of the Elements.The course will also provide insight into some teaching...

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