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A Level BiologyRE501G01

Start Date18 Jun 2019
FeesFrom £95.00 + VAT. Fees can vary, see page for more details
This course is aimed at teachers new to the subject of biology and will build up subject knowledge, confidence and skills through the exploration of demonstrations and practicals so that you can link basic concepts to more complex ideas. Using a range of engaging and effective strategies, you will design, deliver and...

Triple Science consultancyRJ790C17

Start Date18 Jun 2019
This gives supported schools the opportunity to request additional support with an adviser beyond their allocated direct support. A school can request consultancy on any relevant area including: coaching and Mentoring Teachers for Triple Science curriculum Models for Triple Science making the Case for Triple Science...

Supermarket scienceRE125K01

Start Date18 Jun 2019
Duration3 Hours
FeesFrom £50.00 + VAT. Fees can vary, see page for more details
This practical CPD for primary school teachers will provide you with a bank easy to use ideas that you can take away with you to enable your pupils to conduct experiments and have fun. Hands-on experience promotes curiosity and engagement and provides opportunities for the discussion and questioning which develop...

Primary bespoke support: Barnes Farm Junior SchoolRE198D16

Start Date18 Jun 2019
We can support you in identifying the CPD support that you need, provide CPD activity directly from our programme of courses, or work with you to tailor the content to meet your requirements.

Enhancing literacy skills in science - Chellaston OnlyRK212N02

Start Date19 Jun 2019
We will support you in responding to the increased literacy demands of the National Curriculum. Throughout this course you will develop strategies to ensure that your students have the skills to be effective, independent learners who have a range of literacy skills, not only for their exams but for their futures.

Cornwall Primary Science ShareRD198A07

Start Date19 Jun 2019
Cornwall SLP and Oak Tree School welcome all primary teachers to a Summer primary science share.  This network is a sharing platform for teachers to pool ideas and develop good practice. This strengthening of informal school-to-school support will create an effective network of information, advice and guidance. Guest...

Science for curriculum leaders and heads of facultyNS218A18

Start Date19 Jun 2019
Duration4 Days
FeesFrom £720.00. Fees can vary, see page for more details
BursaryENTHUSE Bursary - £640.00
An external evaluation of the professional development delivered by SSERC suggests that promoted staff who have been on a SSERC leadership programme are more likely to play a significant role in science developments at departmental and school level than promoted staff who have not been on a SSERC leadership programme...

Dorset Improving Secondary Science Evidence DayRD709M01

Start Date19 Jun 2019
Duration1 Day
FeesFrom £100.00 + VAT. Fees can vary, see page for more details
A full day secondary science conference for teachers and technicians. Bring your technician for free. The day will comprise of a mixture of workshops and topical practical sessions. During the morning technicians will attend a technician forum and are encouraged to bring practical ideas with them to discuss with...

Acorn to Oak Tree - Embedding outdoor learning into a Primary School through a forest school approachRC198D17

Start Date20 Jun 2019
FeesFrom £95.00 + VAT. Fees can vary, see page for more details
During this half day course you will experience a range of hands on activities that can be used for children from Foundation to Year 6. The presenter is Jill Gaunt who has a wealth of experience of outdoor education and who has enabled Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery School to achieve the 'Woodlands Awards -...