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Bespoke consultancyRP300

These consultancy sessions will support leadership of change, and plan for next steps in the development of the department.

Bespoke courseRP850

We are able to offer any course from our professional development programme on an outreach or bespoke basis. Any course can be requested directly from the programme for your school or cluster of schools, or we can work with you to develop, refine and tailor the content and approach to meet your specific CPD needs....

Biology for non specialists RP854

This course is suitable for teachers who are relatively inexperienced in teaching biology, or those looking to enhance and extend their skills and update their teaching strategies for biology. It will focus on developing your understanding of key biological principles and the further develop your skills.  It will...

Careers in science RP226

Explore methods to raise awareness of the myriad of STEM related career opportunities. Learn how to interpret and strategically use LMI reports to inform curriculum planning. Accurately map the curriculum to embed good careers guidance (including the Gatsby benchmarks) and ensure that learners have meaningful...

Enhancing literacy skills in scienceRP212

We will support you in responding to the increased literacy demands of the National Curriculum. Throughout this course you will develop strategies to ensure that your students have the skills to be effective, independent learners who have a range of literacy skills, not only for their exams but for their futures.

Expedition Iceland (Northern lights, engineering and wonders of Iceland) - STEM study visitRP463

Contemporary science is brought to life through visits to STEM sites and working with experts. On this course you will develop your awareness of suitable locations and contexts and become familiar with resources that can be used in school or college to encourage your students to learn more about the application of...

Health and Safety for Science TechniciansRP622

This is a one-day course originally designed by a team set up by the Association for Science Education to help with the health and safety training of school laboratory technicians.  During the course, the following aspects will be covered: legislation on health & safety including the Health and Safety at Work Act...

Introducing the new science GCSEsRP230

An update of new GCSE and KS4 qualifications

Working as a science technician: an introduction to the roleRP601

This course will prepare you for your new role as a science technician. We will cover a range of topics including health and safety, policies and procedures and technicians skills. This knowledge will ensure that you will be able to apply what you lean in the classroom to provide an efficient and effective support.

Mathematics in science teachingRP210

There is an increased mathematical demand in science and a greater understanding is necessary to accelerate learning and raise attainment for science GCSE's. This course explores the typical weaknesses in mathematics that hinder students' ability to understand and solve scientific problems. It will give teachers an...