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Associate facilitator development programme stage 1 RP204

This course is designed to equip school based colleagues (teachers and technicians) with the skills to become an effective facilitator of subject specific CPD. It explores in detail the research and ideas about what makes effective CPD and how its impact can be evaluated.

Leading teaching and learning in primary scienceNY031

This is a wonderful opportunity for subject leaders and classroom teachers to discover how to embed the new programmes of study in science.You will be able to explore new curriculum content and leave with a host of ideas for teaching and assessing science within your school. You will also develop strategies to enhance...

Linking primary science and computingTY019

"The course is fantastic in the way it incorporates practical science activities with ICT.  It has given me plenty of ideas and inspiration to be able to share with others."Past participantTeachers who would like to learn how to use computing and digital technology will leave this course with the confidence and...

Making powerful connections between primary literacy and scienceRP114

You will explore a range of strategies designed to improve children's ability to use scientific language. You will be able to maximise the opportunities for developing literacy skills and improving attainment in science by planning lessons in which children communicate science ideas, knowledge and understanding.

Primary science conferenceNY007

"A wonderful day full of ideas, suggestions and activities to do with children and colleagues. I feel totally inspired."Past participant"Full of lots of inspirational ideas for the classroom to make science fun."Past participantOver one day it will bring together primary teachers, science subject leaders and teaching...

Raising attainment in primary scienceRP103

Where there has been a drop in attainment in science it is important to identify and evaluate possible causes and consider strategies for making good lessons outstanding. During this course you will make use of self-evaluation strategies to develop an understanding of the key issues relating to the raising of...

Real scientistsNY049

Real ScientistsWhat do real life scientists have to do with science in the primary classroom?  This is your opportunity to find out!This practical course will give you the opportunity to make links between the primary science curriculum and the work of scientists, both current and historical.  You will be...

Creative, cross-curricular primary scienceNY008

Explore an innovative range of cross curricular strategies and creative art forms with science as a central theme.You will discover exciting ways of communicating science, bringing a sense of fun and discovery to children’s learning and by motivating young children and capturing their imaginations.You will be...

Developing the role of the primary science subject leaderRP101

Good subject leadership has a positive impact on the quality of science teaching in primary schools. You will explore a range of strategies to audit and lead science in your school, understand your role more fully and be able to identify and promote effective primary science.

Working scientifically in the primary curriculum - pupil led investigationsRP108

Pupils are enthused and motivated when they are involved in planning their own enquiries and when they can see the relevance of them to their everyday life. You will explore a range of techniques to draw out their ideas and develop strategies to inspire and incorporate these ideas into your science lessons.