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Subject leaders’ network RC121H17

Start Date27 Apr 3917
VenueLeamington Spa
This is a local network meeting facilitated by local teachers to share good practice.

A day of physics for techniciansRP659

Do you struggle to set up equipment for physics lessons?Have you never tried physics experiments for yourself?Do you work in a school with no physics specialist?Do you have cupboards full of physics equipment but you have no idea what it's for? If the answer to any of these questions is 'Yes', then this is the day...

Developing expertise in energy and changeRP269

An introduction to the key chemical ideas needed to understand energy changes. Participants will explore common misconceptions associated with this topic and review a range of strategies for dealing with these misconceptions. Opportunities will also be given to try out a range of relevant and engaging experiments...

Developing expertise in equilibria and rates of reactionRP268

Morning Session: Developing expertise in teaching rates of reaction This session focusses on developing an understanding of kinetic theory and rates through experimental work, with practical investigations forming the essential core of the face to face workshop. Afternoon session: Equilibria An opportunity for...

ENGAGE ScienceRP810

Please see the individual course dates for details about each session 

GCSE Science Skills for Support StaffRP653

This new and exciting hands-on session is designed for teaching assistants and technicians, and will provide increased familiarisation with apparatus typically used in school or college, and greater confidence in practical skills. The session will also explore strategies for working with groups of students in order...

GCSE Skills for Chemistry Technicians RP654

A full day looking in more depth at the key topics taught at GCSE level chemistry. The emphasis will be to improve your subject knowledge and provide hands-on experience, including dealing with hazards, risk management and supporting practical activities.

Health & Safety for Science TechniciansRP650

Please do not book a place on this course using the 'Apply' button above - please book through the CLEAPSS website instead. Visit to reserve your place. This is a one-day course originally designed by a team set up by the Association for...

NE STEM and Regional Science Learning Centre Consortium Post-16 Science Meeting: Applied Science-curriculum Options at Level 2 and Level 3 RP550

What are the current and proposed changes to the Applied Science curriculum?What are the options available for post-16 Applied Science at L2 and L3?How will this influence the Science curriculum post 16? The meeting will include a brief presentation followed by short workshop activities and a discussion on the...