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Building in stretch and challenge into science lessons for allRP853

To learn how to stretch and challenge all pupils within all science lessons

Secondary network for heads of scienceRP857

A Free network for Teachers employed in Liverpool state funded schools or colleges, including maintained schools, academies and free schools.

Secondary science for school governorsRP849

This twilight session will inform governors, who are linked to science, about the new curriculum for secondary schools and how it is assessed.

Secondary science leadership conference – accountability and assessment in new curriculumRP848

Learn about a high impact strategy that has been successfully used in many settings, to scaffold fully differentiated learning outcomes, to accommodate the academic potential of all learners throughout your lessons. This strategy not only develops literacy and written skills in pupils but also allows you to support...

Teaching chemistry outside your specialismRP855

This course is suitable for teachers who are relatively inexperienced in teaching chemistry, or those looking to enhance and extend their skills and update their teaching strategies for chemistry. It will focus on developing your understanding of key chemistry principles and the further develop your skills.  It will...

Chemical handlingRP610

Workshop outline  preparing and checking solutions (and titration calculations!)  safe heating techniques and personal protective equipment  handling hazardous chemicals - alkali metals and halogens - gases and explosions -   limiting and dealing with hazardous waste including transport and storage   curriculum...

Biology core practicals RP246

This session is aimed at NQTs or non-specialists to support the delivery of the new GCSE specification through the Edexcel specification. You will cover the core practicals for the Edexcel GCSE.  

Calculations involving masses and gases - invitation onlyRP248

This session is aimed at NQTs or non-specialists to support the delivery of the new GCSE through the Edexcel specification.Sessions will run from 4.30 – 6.30pm at Accrington Academy by lead teacher Kim Swift