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Strengthening practical work in chemistryRP202

Research evidence indicates that practical learning improves student motivation, attainment and overall school performance. Through hands-on activities you will undertake new and established strategies and practical techniques to make students' learning more effective.

Strengthening practical work in physicsRP201

The aim of this course is to enable teachers and technicians of physics to explore a range of ideas for teaching topics across the physics curriculum. Through hands-on activities you will undertake new and established strategies and relevant practical techniques to make students' learning more effective.

Subject leaders' network meetingRP219

This is a chance for collaboration with your peers so you can share information and develop as a leader. Expert consultants will help you identify priority issues in teaching and learning and professional development for your teams. You will be able to develop solutions, drawing on the expertise within the group. This...

Strengthening subject understanding in...RP112

This course focuses on the big ideas in primary science which will help you make a difference to children's learning by identifying and challenging misconceptions. Reinforcing your own subject knowledge and learning about the new topics and ideas in the latest curriculum will give you greater understanding in order to...

Teaching specific aspects of individual awarding body specifications (consultancy)RP787

This gives supported schools the opportunity to request additional support with an adviser beyond their allocated direct support. A school can request consultancy on Teaching Specific Aspects of Individual Awarding Body Specifications. Support materials for this area have been developed specifically as part of the...

Technician networkRP607

With recent changes to the science curriculum now embedded in most schools and colleges, challenges still remain in maximising the enjoyment, engagement and success of learners. This course recognises the pivotal role that technical support staff play and provides the opportunity to meet, discuss and share good...

Primary conferenceRP124

Our primary conferences always provide outstanding learning opportunities linked to topical developments in primary science teaching along side time to talk and share ideas with other primary practitioners. Please see each entry for more detail of the focus in your locality. 

Subject leaders’ network RP121

This is a local network meeting facilitated by local teachers to share good practice.Please see individual dates for further information.

Raising attainment in primary scienceRP103

Where there has been a drop in attainment in science it is important to identify and evaluate possible causes and consider strategies for making good lessons outstanding. During this course you will make use of self-evaluation strategies to develop an understanding of the key issues relating to the raising of...

Science CPD Needs Analysis RP819

The National STEM Learning Centre consortium has a range of inspirational and effective CPD opportunities available to STEM teachers from all phases. To help you make the most of these opportunities, our local Science Learning Partnership leads can meet you in your school to discuss the developmental needs of your...