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Maths subject knowledge: fractions, decimals and percentagesNE205c19

Start Date08 Jun 2020
Duration6 Weeks
VenueOnline Course
When asked which topic in maths do students find difficult, and which topic is most difficult to teach, often teachers will reply “fractions”.Fractions, decimals and percentages are introduced to students early in the curriculum, and remain a major focus until the end of secondary school.The new key stage 3 and GCSE...

Maths subject knowledge: proportional reasoningNE204C19

Start Date08 Jun 2020
Duration4 Weeks
VenueOnline Course
Proportional reasoning, and the use of ratios, is required across different areas of the mathematics curriculum. It is essential to many areas of science and technology and is used in a range of real-world situations in both life and work.On this self-paced, online subject knowledge course, we explore a number of...

Maths subject knowledge: understanding numberNE207C19

Start Date06 Jul 2020
Duration3 Weeks
VenueOnline Course
Online course. Improve your subject knowledge of numbers as part of the maths curriculum for students aged 11-16 years.We use numbers every day, but do we really appreciate how they work?There are lots of fascinating connections and patterns to explore once you delve into the mathematical structure of how simple...

Mathematics for scientistsNY258

Are you prepared for the changes at GCSE with more mathematical skills being tested?  Would you like to know how to teach mathematical skills to your students so they can tackle issues across the three sciences? In this course the participant will explore the mathematical requirements contained within the...

Mathematics in science teachingRP210

There is an increased mathematical demand in science and a greater understanding is necessary to accelerate learning and raise attainment for science GCSE's. This course explores the typical weaknesses in mathematics that hinder students' ability to understand and solve scientific problems. It will give teachers...

Developing shared approaches to maths in science and science in mathsMY214

There is significant overlap between science and mathematics curricula, but students’ experience of shared topics is often very different in the two subjects. Are applications from science regularly used to explore concepts in maths lessons? Are the mathematical techniques that students learn in science...

New and aspiring leaders of mathematicsMY200

The National STEM Learning Centre is pleased to be offering another round of the ‘New and Aspiring Leaders of Mathematics’ programme for teachers looking to lead a mathematics department in secondary schools. This intensive two part residential professional development course has been developed for teachers new or...

Mastering mathematics at key stage 3MY218

It is important that mathematics at key stage three builds upon the mathematical experiences students experience at primary school. Explore what is meant by mastery, and consider the transition from primary to secondary school, and the mapping of progression through key stage three. “Really enjoyed the course. So...

Teaching assistants in secondary mathematicsMY212

“I can't wait to take the ideas and passion you've instilled in me back to my students." - Past participant This course is designed for support staff working with secondary students in mathematics who wish to develop their mathematical knowledge and enhance the support currently given to students. Explore ways...

Teaching mathematics GCSE content with understandingMY207

Explore the content of the mathematics GCSE and gain an understanding of the importance of mathematical reasoning and problem solving. Develop problem solving skills and resilience in the context of hard to teach GCSE topics. Topics covered include trigonometry, linear graphs, proportional reasoning, standard...