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Start Date06 Dec 2021
Duration2 Hours
This course, which forms part of our bolt on support for the Facilitator Development Programme, is designed for facilitators of remote CPD for STEM Learning and the National Centre for Computing Education. The course will cover how PDEs are designed for remote CPD, how courses are to be structured using course groups...
Start Date05 Jan 2022
This is an opportunity for technicians and new to A-level teachers to practice some of the skills that are necessary for preparation of A-level practical's. At the same time, we hope to collaborate with each other, to share information, ideas, and resources during and after this in-person training.We intend to film...
Start Date11 Jan 2022
Duration2 Hours
VenueRemote delivered CPD
This course explores ideas for developing STEM career learning content in lessons and extra-curricular activities.
This short course forms part of our suite of STEM Career professional development modules that can be accessed via our Science Learning Partnerships.

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