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Start Date17 Jun 2022
Duration5 Hours
BursaryComputing Bursary up to - £0.00
The internet has transformed modern life bringing rich capability to networked computers. Find out how the internet works and how it has produced many new threats, resulting in the rapidly growing cybersecurity industry.You will build on knowledge of local computer networks to cover the globally connected systems...
Start Date05 Jul 2022
Duration2 Hours
BursaryComputing Bursary up to - £0.00
Join us to celebrate the CSA class of 2022! Overlooking the city from the Lord Mayor's Parlour on the 19th floor of City Hall you will be inspired by our keynote speaker Lee Jones from Microsoft, enjoy nibbles and drinks, and meet fellow graduates.This is one of a series of regional celebration events taking place in...
Start Date07 Jul 2022
Duration1 Day
BursaryComputing Bursary up to - £220.00
Take your first steps towards teaching GCSE computer science and establish a foundational knowledge base of concepts, terminology and classroom practice. Find out how algorithms are designed and how programs are written to provide clear instructions to machines. Learn about the binary system and how it's used by...

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