Spaceport RP188


The UK is planning to develop several spaceports to launch rockets carrying satellites into space. In this session, discover why the UK is uniquely situated for satellite launching and take on the role of space scientists to consider the key criteria for a rocket launching site and the suitability of several possible sites in the UK. You will work scientifically in a practical investigation and discover how the context of UK Spaceports can be used in the primary classroom to deliver activities to enthuse and engage, supporting the STEM curriculum and highlighting career opportunities. Learn how to achieve the Space Education Quality Mark and how the support of a STEM ambassador could enrich your pupils’ STEM skills.


Use the context of UK Spaceports to deliver exciting practical activities supporting the primary curriculum.

Explain the key criteria for choosing a rocket launching site and why the UK is ideally situated for launching satellites into polar orbit around the Earth.

Describe satellites, their features and the variety of vital data they provide.

Identify opportunities for developing children’s STEM skills and engaging with STEM ambassadors. 

Access resources on the ESA and ESERO-UK/STEM Learning websites.

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