WOW! Chemistry Demonstrations with Impact - Northern Ireland Teachers ONLY NN230

This course explores ideas to spark KS3 and KS4 students' interest in Chemistry with demonstrations that have the WOW factor


The event provides an opportunity to gain experience of facilitating demonstrations that go BANG and WHIZZ from the Royal Society of Chemistry, in the fantastic QUB Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Labs and be sign-posted to resources to use in school. The course is also perfect for building the confidence of the non-specialist teacher covering Whoosh bottle, Cannon Fire, Cornflour Bomb, disappearing Ink, Red Cabbage Indicator and Effervescent Indicator Rainbow.

Who is it for?

Science and Chemistry teachers in secondary schools

How will you learn?

face to face

How long is this course?

1 day


Teachers will:

  • gain first-hand experience of relevant and interesting practical experiments and demonstrations to help inspire and engage students at KS3 and KS4
  • consider the health and safety implications of the practicals
  • explore the application of Johnstone's Triangle to enhance and extend student understanding and the development of subject-specific skills.


Please note - if you work at a state funded school or college in Northern Ireland you will be eligible for the ENTHUSE subsidy upon full attendance on this course

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