Developing augmented reality (AR) products NC201

Augmented reality allows information to be presented in an engaging and interactive way. During this two day residential you’ll learn how to plan, develop, test and evaluate an AR product.


Augmented reality (AR) is changing the way we present information. With its highly engaging and interactive user experience, we are now able to present 2D and 3D models within a user’s local surroundings.

Augmented reality has recently been introduced as a mandatory unit of work to the Level 2 OCR Cambridge National in IT qualification. During this two-day residential, you’ll learn how to plan, develop, test, and evaluate an AR product. Together with your Professional Development Leader, you’ll delve deep into learning how to use AR development software, building your confidence ahead of delivering this in the classroom. Throughout this course you'll explore the tools and techniques using software package Adobe Aero. 

Augmented reality is already being used across many areas of society, including retail, hospitality, and education. Supported by the latest evidence of AR, you’ll explore how AR is being used within society, understand the ethical and legal considerations, and have the opportunity to hear from a STEM Ambassador working in the AR industry.

Who is it for?

This two day residential is suitable for any teachers planning on, or already delivering the Level 2 Cambridge National in IT qualification, which include a mandatory unit of work focused on AR.  

What topics are covered?

  • Introduction to augmented reality – you’ll learn what AR is, the different types of AR, how it’s been used within society and the different hardware required to engage with AR products.
  • Developing an AR product – during this session you’ll learn how to plan and develop a working prototype AR product. You’ll be expertly taught how to use a piece of AR development software.
  • Testing and evaluating an AR product – during this session you’ll learn how to conduct testing on your AR prototype and evaluate how successful your prototype is.  
  • AR in society – as with all technology, users need to be aware of the ethical and legal considerations around AR, during this session you’ll explore these considerations.  

How will you learn?

Hands-on experiential learning with the collaborative support of your peers. Expert advice and instruction on AR from experienced classroom practitioners.

How long is this course?

This two day course will include approx. 12 hours of CPD. As this is a residential course, meals and overnight accommodation are included for participants for the duration of the course. 


By the end of this course you will:

  • understand what augmented reality (AR) is and how it’s been used by businesses and organisations within society
  • explore how to plan a suitable AR product
  • construct a prototype AR product using a suitable piece of software
  • test your AR product and evaluate the effectiveness of the product
  • explore the ethical and legal considerations using AR in society


This is a residential course, fees include meals and accommodation for the duration of the course.

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