Climate change and Earth from Space: remote SY105


This course looks explains how scientists and engineers are tracking climate change from space, using satellites. The causes and consequences of climate change are explained. We try out engaging practical activities linking to our climate and space.  Finally, we look at ways that satellites can help us to combat climate change. 

Who is it for?

Primary teachers and science leads


What topics are covered?

Climate change, working scientifically, Earth and space


How will you learn?


How long is this course?

3 hours: 2 x 1.5 hours with a gap task



1) Understand how space and climate change are connected

2) Understand some of the key roles of Earth Observation (EO) satellites

3) Identify some of the jobs and careers linked to climate change and space

4) Understand climate change and its causes

5) Understand some of the ways we are combatting climate change

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