Mission to the Moon - remote SY102


During this exciting session, participants will increase their knowledge of the Moon and learn how real missions and space research can be used to inspire their pupils and improve their STEM skills.

Build ‘lunar’ mountains and work scientifically to investigate the relationship between the height of mountains and the shadows produced.

Consider the difficulties of landing on the Moon surface and become aerospace engineers to take on a challenge to soften the impact when a ‘moon lander’ is dropped.

Discover what is next for lunar exploration and how the development of new technologies will allow the setting up of bases on the Moon.

Finally, learn how you could achieve the prestigious Space Education Quality Mark and how the support of a STEM ambassador could enrich your pupils’ STEM skills.

Who is it for?

Primary school teachers

What topics are covered?

Space. The Moon

How will you learn?


How long is this course?

90 minutes.


Use the context of a Moon mission to deliver exciting practical activities supporting key areas of the science curriculum

Identify opportunities for developing children’s STEM skills and engaging with STEM ambassadors 

Access resources  on the ESA and ESERO-UK/STEM Learning websites

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