Transforming Learning through Formative Teaching Approaches NN225


Research evidence consistently shows that formative practices (Assessment for Learning (AfL)) are at the heart of classrooms where deep and meaningful understanding is nurtured, and greater learning gains are made. This course will look at a wide range of hands-on approaches that can be taken away and used immediately to help teachers build a classroom culture which links to the key areas identified from research.

Who is it for?

WAU co-ordinators, head teachers/ STEM teachers

What topics are covered?


How will you learn?

Online delivery

How long is this course?

2 days

Course Leaders

Gill Humes


Participants will learn to:

  • help children understand and achieve quality learning
  • identify where children are in their understanding
  • provide feedback that promotes learning
  • respond to the differing needs of their children
  • support children in working as learning resources for themselves and each other


Please note - if you work at a state funded school or college in Northern Ireland you will eligible for the ENTHUSE Bursary upon full attendance on this course

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