Establishing a STEM club - from creation to careers SC101

This course focuses on helping schools to start a STEM subject club for students and sustain it across its first eighteen months. By the end of the course, you will have written a draft proposal to take to senior management, and planned six weeks' worth of STEM club activities.


Who is it for?

Prospective and new STEM subject Club Leaders

What topics are covered?

Our self-paced 'Establishing a STEM Club' course will take you through the process of planning a school science, technology, engineering or maths club, from developing a proposal and setting objectives, to creating a marketing campaign, developing an activity schedule, and planning for the long term. The course has three modules: Developing your STEM Club proposal; Creating a six-week plan; Planning for the long term. It covers:

  1. The impacts and benefits of a STEM club
  2. Club objectives, development and marketing plans
  3. Engaging senior leadership and colleagues
  4. Projects and activities for the short and long term
  5. Incorporating careers awareness and employability skill sets
  6. Recruiting students and keeping them engaged

How will you learn?

Online - Self paced

How long is the course?

Self-paced over 1 calendar month – (average 9 hours)

Who is the course leader?

Online CPD at STEM Learning. Resources and groups relating to Online CPD courses. Find out more at



    1. Identified benefits and impacts relevant to the school
    2. Identified club objectives supportive of the school improvement plan and STEM agenda
    3. Development of a STEM Club proposal and marketing plans to engage senior management, colleagues and students
    4. Development of a project schedule of activities incorporating careers awareness and employability skills