Teaching primary science: physics NE007

Develop your knowledge of physics to support your pupils' learning as part of the primary science curriculum.


To teach primary science effectively teachers must have sound subject knowledge, however, many primary teachers are not science subject experts. This course will examine key subject knowledge within the physics elements of the primary science curriculum, demonstrate common misconceptions children may have and show how to identify and overcome them.


Who is this course for?

This online course is for primary teachers and trainee teachers for primary education (pupils aged 5-11 years). Teaching assistants may also be interested in developing their subject knowledge through this course. The English National Curriculum will be referred to, but teachers will be able to apply subject knowledge to their own curricula.


What subjects are covered on the course?

  • Why good subject knowledge is essential when teaching primary science
  • Developing subject knowledge for the physics in the primary science
  • Understanding children’s misconceptions and identifying teaching strategies to identify and overcome them
  • Topics covered include: forces, electricity, light.


  • identify the importance of good subject knowledge when teaching primary science
  • develop personal subject knowledge of physics
  • apply subject knowledge of physics to class teaching of pupils aged 5-11 years old
  • explore practical activities to teach scientific concepts in the primary curriculum
  • identify common misconceptions children may have in primary science concepts
  • develop teaching strategies to identify and overcome children’s misconceptions.


Who are the course leaders?

Sarah Dagnell 

Tanya Shields

Karen Brunyee

Rachel Jackson

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